Higher Education

Patna Women's College, Patna, Bihar

The College is conducted by the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, an indigenous educational body founded in 1870.

Founded in 1940, by Bishop B.J. Sullivan, S.J., and Mother M. Josephine, A.C., Patna Women’s College is a constituent College of Patna University, with courses up to the Degree level and two Post Graduate Departments – Home Science and MCA. It was the first Women’s College in Bihar and, in this sense, it is the pioneer of women’s higher education in the State. The college is open to students of all castes and creeds. Though it became a constituent college of Patna University, in 1952, it still retains its ‘Special Character’. On 25.07.2007, the Government of Bihar, officially declared Patna Women’s College as a ‘Religious Minority College’. Having celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in 2015, the College can look back over the years and name with justifiable pride many women it has given to the different professions: medical, legal, educational, social, administrative, police, airways, etc. The students are trained not only in academic subjects, but also in creative arts, social service, critical thinking, leadership and adaptability to circumstances, so that, with a broad and purposeful philosophy of life and mental elasticity, they may become leaders in any circle and agents of social change. Besides their courses of study, the students receive personality training and special training in leadership. In the personality training classes, the students are made to realize the end and purpose of life, God’s providential love for them and the value of ethical principles. The leadership training is to help the students to govern others. This course includes training in sound principles, right judgement, mature decisions, cleanliness and social service. By way of practical application of the above training, the students are provided with opportunities for social work, for reaching out with a sense of responsibility to the less privileged in our society, particularly the women. Physical fitness and techniques of self-defence are also given due importance through games, sports, courses in yoga, karate, taikwondo, aerobics etc. The College provides residential facilities as well.

Patna Women's College, Patna, Bihar, Estd. in 1940

Phone no  :  0612-2531186; 

Email        :  info@patnawomenscollege.in

Website    :  www.patnawomenscollege.in

Year of Establishment : 1940

Address :  Patna Women's College,

                 Avila Convent Bailey road,

                 Patna -800001, Bihar

Aided /  Unaided          :    Unaided

Status  :    Graduation, Master  Degree

Diploma, B.A.  B.Sc.  B.Com.

6 Vocational Courses

B.Ed. (Dept. of Education)

3 P.G. Diplomas

2 P.G. Degree Courses

Community College

Central Research Laboratory (CRL)

Affiliated :    Patna University, Patna

Principal :  Dr. Sister Maria Rashmi A.C.

Manager :  Dr. Sr. Maria Tanisha A.C